Soapy Seduction

Covered in flour from their session in the kitchen, Elindi and Laura head to the showers and clean each other off and engage in a soapy lesbian massage….


Sweet Tarts

Laura and Elindi are in the kitchen — wearing only aprons and socks (as one does) — cooking up some tarts to satisfy their cravings for something soft,…


Thighs, Eyes & Jazzercize

Chanel and Elindi have always been intensely competitive with one another, and must now have an erotic sexfight to settle the score. Chanel and Elindi have always been…


Hungover Humping

Laura and Kati get it on after a long night of clubbing. Laura and Kati spent the whole night out clubbing – a long, drunken night of close…


Tied at the Hip

Kati and Laura decide to settle their differences with a garterbelt sexfight. But to remove any possibility of one combatant pulling away when the sex gets too intense,…


Shoe Scuffle

Kati and Laura get into a raunchy catfight over shoes. Kati absolutely loves shoes. Perhaps too much. While her friend Laura is in the bathroom getting ready for…



Baby oil. And Lesbians. Friction eased. Slithering, writing together. Hot oiled bodies. Intertwined. We’ve wanted to do a lesbian oil scene for a very long time. Again, our…


Leotard Love

These two Asian honies don leotards and fishnet stockings. Why dance? Why aerobicize? Just grind, hump and trib hunnies! I’m sure you’ve all had the fantasy: two friends…


Garter Grind

Beshaun and Rowena swap spit and grind some gartered gash. This is the first of our four latest videos staring Thai models Rowena and Beshaun. Rowena is the…