Southern Chinese lesbians take it to the next level.

Whereas Pearl River Punani was more soft and sensual in nature, Canton Clambake is more a of a sex-fight warm up. We have some great tongue play and a nice tit-fight. Some of you out there like the look of pantied pussies rubbing together, so we’ve got that, along with full-on nude missionary tribadism.

A great feature of this scene is the “upskirt” pussy fight. “Upskirt” is a bit of a misnomer since they aren’t actually wearing skirts, but we aren’t really sure what to call this camera angle. Pros: it’s incredibly sexy to see these mature ladies slam their thighs and mounds together. Cons: the lighting isn’t so good. Trust us, nobody is more upset about this than us.

We’ve tried lightening it up with a filter, which you can see in the screenshots. We’ve also added the original darker footage at the end of the clip in case anybody wants to apply their own filters or turn up the contrast on the original, higher quality footage. Still, there is a lot you can see, and it’s pretty sexy few minutes of jiggling mound-to-mound slamming.

The ass to ass bumping at the end is definitely worth checking out. Particularly the view from the above, where you can see their soft tushies press into each other.

For fans of thigh wars, Asian broads, pantied tribadism, dusty blue carpet, natural lighting, mound-on-mound, titfighting, butt bumping, used bodies, gingham and cotton, nipple to nipple, and silent rolling.

24 mins