Nothing like casual sex with a roommate. No dinner. No movies. Pure convenience. Marie and Patricia decide to pick up where they left off. Why catfight when you can just lie in bed and trib all day?

After another hard week at work, Patricia is relaxing in her room reading a book. She’s wearing her typical weekend attire: t-shirt, panties, and socks to keep her little footsies warm. Of course her motivations for wearing this ensemble go beyond a need comfort. She’s been turning up the heat and lounging around the house like this for weeks, hoping to inspire a repeat of her hot tribadism session with Marie.

The older roommate has resisted up to now, but Marie can’t hold out any longer. Her need to lock crotch with her office rival is too much to bear, and on this Sunday morning she walks right into Patricia’s room to get what she wants.

As Marie enters the room Patricia is unsurprised. They both know why Marie is there, and no words need to be exchanged. While their previous encounter was filled with chatty sex, they are quiet now, focusing their energy and squeezing out the most body-on-body contact possible.

They start off kissing, and the panties and t-shirts soon come off. But their socks stay on to enjoy the sensation of sensitive bare leg against bare leg, contrasted with the numb fuzziness of their encased feet.

They press their bodies together, but in their restless lust they simply can’t decide who will be on top. Patricia on top. Then Marie. Thigh against thigh. Big bubbly breasts dangling down and pooling against the other’s breasts. Tongues and mouths playing together.

But as much as they are enjoying themselves, the women quickly move on to what they’ve been looking forward to for weeks. Patricia mounts Marie, first for a little thigh against pussy, then to full-on tribadism. And not the scissory variety, but the hard-core kind: missionary tribadism. Pussy on pussy and thigh on thigh. They settle in for a long time, and they just can’t stop. The bed creaks under their shifting wait as they jockey for the best position. Mons pubis grinds on mons pubis, creating a delicious friction that inspires wild tongue-play and firm ass-grabbing.

As much as they love the trib, there so many other ways to get close. The horizontal love goes vertical, and they’re up on their knees to press the flesh. But at this point both girls are used to having the full weight of a feminine body bearing down from atop, so Marie and Patricia press their bodies together hard. Thigh-to-thigh, tummy-to-tummy, ample tits swinging and crashing against each other. They bounce together, tummies colliding as each girl’s pussy seeks purchase on her partner’s pussy flesh. Marie mashes her cheek into Patricia’s, the sides of their months coming together to make one giant orifice filled with dancing tongues.

For fans of blond ponytails, white space, nude with socks, freshly laundered sheets, tummy-to-tummy, missionary tribadism, understated earrings, nonverbal sex, fading tattoos, nonchalant lesbian love, scrunchies, leg against leg, mid-morning sex romps, sensible manicures, creaky furniture, clitoral close-ups, tit-on-tit, hasty clothing removal, mashed cheeks, pink bodies, tongue against tongue, long-nailed ass-grabs

30 Mins