If you borrow something, try to return it in better condition than when you got it. Sadly (or fortunately) this sentiment is lost on Cindy, and Mia isn’t happy when her stockings are returned with a run in them. She gets her revenge, but rarely is revenge so sweet.

Mia and Cindy share just about everything…and not just similar-sounding names: clothes, accessories, jewelry, and most of all a taste for exotic leg-wear. They’ve been known to spend vast amounts of spare cash on stockings. They trade back and forth, maximizing the variety of their wardrobes on their very limited budgets.

About a week ago the dirty-blond Mia lent her platinum-haired friend her favorite pair of stockings. While primarily motivated by honest feelings of platonic friendship, in the back of her mind she entertained other desires. All week she looked forward getting the stockings back from Cindy. She couldn’t wait to wear the nylons after her friend used them, the soft fabric that encased her friend’s legs encasing her own as she went about her day.

Looks like that won’t be happening. Cindy managed to get a run in them. No chance of wearing this pair around town. Cindy apologizes, and agrees that all’s fair if Mia rips her favorite skull ‘n crossbones-themed tights. It takes a bit of work, but eventually Mia gets some rips in. Cindy takes it all in good stride, and puts a happy face on it. But eventually she has enough, and starts ripping into Mia polka-dot hose.

Of course Mia doesn’t put up much resistance, since it’s evident where things are heading. Once they’ve exposed a little more leg, the body-rubbing begins. They hike up their denim skirts and enjoy the sensations and sounds of nylon rubbing on nylon.

The ripping continues until they’ve exposed each others’ crotches, and it isn’t long before the bring their womanhood together: full-on missionary trib style. The girls are a bit embarrassed and shocked at first, but the nervous laughter soon gives way to dedicated grinding and pounding. Cindy starts out on top, jiggling away on Mia’s widely spread legs.

They get up momentarily to press their breasts together and french kiss. Then it’s back to the floor with Mia on top. While on bottom, Cindy flexes her cheeks and pushes her pelvis up, ensuring firm clit-to-clit contact. Getting really into it, Mia places her thighs forward, and rocks her healthy butt back and forth, letting vulva bounce against Cindy’s.

The girls end with a nice kneeling tit-to-tit press and tongue-play session. Surely this isn’t the last we’ll see of these

For fans of dual denim skirts, thick calves, hardwood floors, creative yet durable hosiery, exposed crotches, high heels, dirty blond on platinum, pirates and polka-dots, oral jewelry, ripped-stocking sex, white radiators, thick but firm buttocks, nervous giggling, nylon on nylon, faux fighting, and hoop earrings

30 mins