The encore: decked out in garter belts, stockings, and outrageous high-heels, the wives sink into some serious mish trib!


What is it about stockings on a lady? Granted, the female form is gorgeous by itself, but there’s just something about the way garter belts frame a woman’s delightful curves. We absolutely had to see these heavy girls grind it out in garter belts, and that’s what we have here.

Pretty warmed up and into each other, the ladies start off with some tongue-play. And Fwe aren’t talking about a few hesitant flicks back and forth, but extended, drawn-out tongue wrestling. Their cheeks press together hard, tongues aching with the drawn-out action, but the pleasure is just too enjoyable to stop! They leave their bras on, but press breasts together, pendulous mammaries pooling out of their cups, leaving enough exposed flesh for significant skin-to-skin contact.

Turns out the girls really liked rolling in the last videos, so they do it again, this time in stockings and heels! As they roll back and forth, one heavy body sinks into the other. As their legs tangle back and forth, you can hear the heels clap loudly against the hardwood floor. Buttocks and thighs tremble as they wrap around each other. The visual is searing hot: a combination of soft flesh, encased calves, and hard heels — an erotic swirl of contrasting textures.

Soon enough, the money shot: missionary tribadism, first with panties on, then off. The girls take turns on top of each other, with whoever’s on bottom grabbing the garter straps of the lady on top to generate maximum flesh press!

For fans of sapphic cuckoldry, ornate underthings, heavy grinding, garter belts and thigh-highs, ferns, extended tongue play, overdone platform heels, tasteful area rugs, chins, spread-eagled women, bursting seams, mouth to mouth, eye shadow, tangled gams, white stilettos, flesh quakes, and chubby tribadism.

22 mins