What a nice surprise. We get two housewives together for some light wrestling, and they discover their secret hunger for missionary tribadism.

This one was a bit of surprise for us. A pleasant one, certainly.

We had been corresponding with these two guys in Hungary who had always wanted to see their respective wives engage in lesbian sex. The women were acquainted with each other, but not what you’d call close friends. Although they dropped hints here and there, their wives never seemed interested.

Intrigued, we made a proposition: get your wives together on video, and we’ll give you some cash. Both husbands were keen, but naturally some tact was needed to put it in a way their wives would accept. The guys agreed present it as a fake catfight in full bathing suits. This was summer 2008.
The dudes waited for a moment when their wives were in a receptive mood. Unfortunately, with the dreary day-to-day, I guess that didn’t happen until the winter holiday season – in early January 2009. (We were planning on using this for our next update. Since were expecting quicker movement, the updates to the site kept getting pushed back. Sorry!)

When the women finally heard their husband’s proposals, of course they thought it was a little weird, but it didn’t sound too difficult for the money involved. At this point they didn’t know about the extra cash for nudity, and the husbands (wisely) did not bring it up. We agreed on delivery of the video during March this year.

Sometime in February they met up in a rented space – their own apartment walls are a little too thin I guess. One of the husbands brought his camera, which was fortunately of decent quality. (We kept imagining the video being shot some decrepit late-80s VHS camcorder. Thankfully that wasn’t the case!)
So here’s how it went down. Feel free to follow along with the screenshots.

The action started off as planned, with a short stare-down between the two ladies, followed by a light tussle. Leg fetishists both, the husbands had their wives start with a vigorous leg-tangled roll back and forth. The wives grip each other in a bear hug, legs wrapped around each other, turning over and over. The screenshots don’t quite do the action justice. There’s just something about two women intertwining their legs, the full weight of their bodies bearing down on one another. And this isn’t just thigh against thigh…occasionally the women lock their perfectly matched calves together, thick calf meat spreading and squeezing against the other.

The guys had their wives do this back and forth for quite a while, not just for their own enjoyment, but also to build the mood between the two women. They assumed the longer they tangle and make moaning noises, the more comfortable they’ll be doing other things. They assumed right.

Once he felt the mood hit the right groove, the husband holding the camera began instructing them more, hoping to build the action into something more erotic. He asked one of the girls to get on top of the other, in a missionary trib position, and start bouncing a little; By this point, the girls were game, and what we get is some of the sexiest clothed missionary tribadism you’ll ever see.

It’s difficult to completely catalog all that we like with this section of the video. 1) it’s that perfect tipping point at which the wives fully get into the eroticism of what they’re doing 2) their bodies are so perfectly matched, and legs and mounds coming together looks like some sort of mirror image…at some points its almost hard to tell where one pussy begins and the other ends 3) their full, pinkish-white thighs contrast so nicely against the black bathing suits 4) their hungry, covered pussies almost chewing through the lycra to get at each other; 5) the way their thighs just totally jiggle and quiver with pleasure, with the girl on bottom occasionally spreading her legs for better access; 6) how the girl on bottom places her hand on the ass of the girl on top to push their pelvises closer 7) their cute little matching pastel socks, and the way the feet push against each other for leverage…we could go on.

Midway through the video, you’ll notice a strange edit, where, David Copperfield-like, the bathing suits are gone and the women are tribbing in the nude. This requires some explanation.

Obviously the women were pretty worked up by this point, and the husbands thought that the time was right to let them know about the extra cash for doing the same sort of action in the nude. They stopped the camera, negotiations ensued, with the girls ultimately agreeing. I wish we had this discussion on tape. Sadly, we don’t.What we do have, though, is some nice extended big-girl tribadism. The action is not wildly different than the bathing suit portion, but the thigh and butt jiggling intensifies, and the labia are, clearly, ENGORGED. You can actually see the pussy lips quiver and shake with each thrust. The ass-slaps are a nice touch too.
Occasionally the husband moves the camera to their faces, goading the wives into hot tongue-play as they lay on top of each other. Their cheeks are completely smashed hard together, almost fused, and their tongues slide erotically back and forth. A very nice ending.

Fair warning: admittedly, if your tastes are more mainstream, these girls might not be your thing. But if you’re into real-looking girls with thick bodies, smashing their meaty bits and pieces together with no apologies, you’ll love this. This is the first in a series of three –they decided to do more shooting that day, lucky for us, which we will release as soon as possible. One more thing. Since these girls were new to this, some voice direction was required by one of the husbands, so you can hear him suggesting positions occasionally. We’d prefer not having his voice in it, but it kind of works in this case: you’ll notice that the wives actually get turned on by it, so I guess his voice helped build up the mood for them. Still, he seems like a good cameraman. We might use him again for other shoots, if he can keep silent.

For fans of angry looks, red hair, tangled rolling, filled-out swimsuits, Hungarian honeys, lycra, swollen labia, the roll and quiver, orange shag, hot tongue-play, scrunchies, intertwined legs, leopard print, spankings, the jiggle and shake, chicken skin, mussed hair, dime-store chokers, calf-to-calf, breathable socks, intimidating stare-downs, tongue-studs, and shaky legs!

22 mins