The two mature ladies from Let’s Experiment are at it again.

You’ll recognize these two from Let’s Experiment. They wanted to get together for an extended lesbian sex-session, and we were more than happy to support it. This is the first installment in a series of three.

We’ll say at the outset that there are a number of improvements on their debut effort; however, it retains an amateurish quality that some people love, and some people hate.

The advantages are a greater sense of intimacy and realness, like you’re right there in there in the room with them. Disadvantages include sub-optimal lighting during some angles, and shaky camerawork here and there. Overall, however, the screenshots demonstrate that are some great moments in these videos.

First up is Pearl River Punani. The two Chinese MILFs start off with some tongue play and make-out on the edge of the bed. They are a little hesitant at first, but get more comfortable, and soon their are kneeling on the bed, face to face and rubbing their petite breasts together.

Then its time for a little punani on punani. The ladies lift up their nighties to expose their bare pussies and long, mature legs. Lucky for us, they keep their heels on, accentuating that look of shapely legs pressing together. The move and writhe in this position for a bit. For those that like a close, clear views of the pussy, the lighting could have been better. But for those that are more into the body-contact aspect, this is a nice visual. Especially with the legs of the bottom girl wrapped around her partner’s, like man on woman sex.

This scene really gets hot as the girls move to a reverse missionary tribadism. Now, regulars of the site really split along pretty strict lines regarding this type of action. For some, this is the only stuff they want to see. Others aren’t happy with the time taken away from pure pussy-on-pussy tribadism. We’re big fans of leg to leg contact, so for us this is a great position to see, and not one you’ll typically get in other movies. What makes this scene great is that the girl on top really gets into slamming her pussy down on her partners ass. The sound of leg flesh slapping leg flesh is incredibly scintillating. And there’s something about those calves aligned next to calves as they wear high heels that we just love.

But for those who like clear pussy on pussy visuals, fret not. They girls turn their nether regions toward a nearby window, and we get to see pussies rubbing together and bathed in copious natural light. It starts off a little weird, with one of the ladies just kind of balancing her body on top of the other, but they get there eventually.

For fans of Chinese lesbians, white sheets, aged legs, scars, pussies in sunlight, minimal makeup, real women, pastel sleepwear, tattoos, thick thighs and high heels.

24 mins