Julia and Melanie grind each other into the carpet.

These girls wanted each other so bad they started up the tongue play even before we had the camera ready! You’ll notice a hasty opening as we steady the camera and zoom in on their tightly-pressed faces. We have Julia on the left, with black hair and heavy eyeshadow, and Melanie on the right, with reddish hair. Both are two hot beauties from Brazil, so definitely a good one for fans of darker skinned ladies.

And boy did these girls really get into the frenching. This isn’t some little shy, tentative tongue-to-tongue, but rather deep, soulful tongue wrestling, nose pressed against nose to maximum contact of face and mouth. The kissing doesn’t let up for at least a full ten minutes, before we finally pull back to see their full of their bodies standing together, tummy against tummy and breast to breast.

You’ll be happy to see Julie in a pair of bright red thigh-high stockings, and Melanie in a black garter belt. Both have little ruffly miniskirts, which will soon be removed as they continue their dance in the horizontal position.

Melanie gets on top first, as they warm up with a little full body on body action. It’s hard to get a sense form the screen stills, one of the hotter aspects of this encounter is the squirming and hugging–some of the squirming is so fast they almost seem to be vibrating together, especially when the slightly skinner Julia gets on top, allowing a better view of the mound on mound action.

Naturally, both girls have different preferred grinding rhythms , so eventually each struggles to be on top in order to control the thrusting and bucking. They roll back and forth on the carpet, at times getting so carried away they tumble across the hardwood floor or crash into the sofa. They don’t really seem to notice though! Too busy enjoying their stocking-clad legs tangle together, and as well as the feeling thigh flesh pressed against pussy.

But for all the rubbing and grinding, there are those times when a girl really wants thrust her pussy hard into that of another. Melanie gets on the bottom, pulls her legs back, and Julia presses her lower quarters against Melanie’s cunt, thrusting pussy against pussy in a missionary position you typically see between a man and a woman. The visual is stunning and totally hot as Julia really works her pussy into Malanie’s.

The girls then get a little more experimental, with Julia still on top, but with the back of her thighs against those of Melanie. Perched on top, they continue “mating”, rubbing their pussy lips together vigorously back and forth. Not to left out of the action, Julia then gets on top, and rubs and rubs in a clockwise direction as Julia’s legs swing back and forth in the air.

Spent but still highly aroused, Melanie then lies down on top of Julia, thigh pressed hard against Julia’s pussy. They squirm together, fatigued, face resting against face, ending with some hot tongue-wrestling and pussy-humping.

For fans of real sapphic action, lusty latinas, thigh-to-thigh rubbing, red stockings, nude hugging, mashed mammaries, garter belts, rolling, shag area rugs, slim girls, deep kissing, and high-energy lesbians.

45 mins