Playful Ann and Joanne Sweet go body to body in full length pantyhose.

What’s hot? How about to ladies two girls rubbing their naked lower halves together.

What’s hotter? How about two ladies doing the same but in full-length pantyhose, their hot thighs rubbing together through their second skins.

Well, what’s, hottest? Two girls ripping their pantyhose off mid-way through to make sure their nude pussies rub together full contact.

Playful Ann (brunette) and Joanne Sweet (sandy blonde) do just that in Sheer Friction. We start off with a nice tongue flicking exchange, followed by some pretty aggressive tit to tit. Now these girls aren’t the most well-endowed in the breast department, which makes this all the hotter as they bring their full bodies close and tight together in a standing tit joust.

Turned on in the extreme, the Ann and Joanne start ripping out the crotches of each other’s stockings, and move the bed, with Ann mounting Joanne. Dissatisfied with the degree of pussy on pussy contact, Ann reaches back and rips more of the pantyhose, exposing more ass and pussy flesh. After some good girl on girl bouncing, the move to their sides, trying hard to bring their crotches together. They are a little too hyper and eager, and in their haste mainly rub pussies on thighs, but their tangled legs make for a great visual, especially as Ann rips out more crotch material from Joanne’s pantyhose.

Joanne gets her turn on top, and determined not to be outdone in the dominant position, and slams that pussy down hard, making sure her plump buttocks jiggle and shimmy. If the girls have one flaw it would be one of indecision. For what seems like forever they switch back and forth between ass-to-pussy grinding and missionary tribadism. But it’s hard to complain, when you have such wonderful thigh to thigh action in ass-grinding positions, and heart-quickening tit-to-tit as they trib face-to-face.

Eventually the girls get back into their side-by-side, tangled leg action, followed by some scissoring tribadism, where the girls are clearly getting off. They round out the scene, exhausted and on top of one another, concluding with sweet tongue kisses.

For fans of brunette on blond, titfights, leopard throw-pillows, skin contrasts, faux masonry, tongue flicking, small breasts, corner couches, jiggling, and pantyhose as second skin.

19 mins