A sexfight ensues, grinding it out on the carpet and then the bed.

Continuing on from Pearl River Punani and Canton Clambake, Sino Sex-Off is more of a sexfight style, as the name would imply. One lady is in black, thigh-high stockings. The other in a fishnet body stocking. The different costumes provide a nice contrast as they tit fight, body-press, ass fight, roll on the floor, and rub their pussies together. They do a pretty good job of vocalizing during the sexfight as well. Unfortunately this scene runs a bit short. Apparently the camera batteries ran out. Arrrrg!

Still, overall it’s very nice and natural 10 minutes or so. Pretty much done as one continuous shot.

For fans of sexfighting, fishnet body stockings, thigh highs, mature Asians, ass dueling, jiggling buttocks, body against body, spread on the bed.

12 mins