The two Thai girls try out a light catfight, and end up in a sweaty heap of missionary tribadism.

We had long been nervous about shooting a pure catfight scene. Most of our videos have been more of a lesbian style, maybe veering toward sexfight, but not so much vigorous wrestling or catfighting. Of course we’ve always wanted to produce one. But the nervousness stemmed from the difficulty of getting it just right. The good catfight scenes, in our opinion, are the ones with tangled legs, rolling around, and very tight body on body action. Some producers do this perfectly. But there are a lot of scenes where the wrestling becomes very much focused on face sitting, or other moves that don’t accentuate body-to-body action. Having seen so many videos where the women choose not to tightly engage with each other, we decided against it, assuming that a lot of models we hire might do the same thing. We figured we stick to very specific, mandated actions and shots, which takes out that sexy, unpredictable vigor of an erotic rolling catfight or wrestling match.

Well, here is the result of us trying to do a wrestling/catfight scene. There are some actions that hit what we wanted, others not so much. Without being there to direct the action, one just has to accept that things won’t be 100% of the vision. We were hoping everything would be just a little more tangled up. Although there are bits of leg on leg.

Still, where this movie excels is toward the end, when the tribadism moves into extremely erotic territory. We love how they conclude the “fight,” one exhausted on top of the other, gasping in the titular sweaty heap of post-orgasmic ladyflesh. Earlier in the video there is also some sweltering tit-to-tit, arms outstretched to facilitate maximum breast-on-breast action. The girls look real nice in the g-strings, although they look even better without them, their colorful shoes setting off their nude, battling legs.

For fans of blue Crocs, tribadism, long hair, competition, g-strings, sweat, titfights, heaps, light wrestling, athletic shoes, squeaks and screams, slaps, fantasy catfights and white socks

20 mins