Linda and Alexa take their experimentation to the next level, grinding their lower bodies together from every angle they can think of.

They’ve wrestled. They’ve been tied together. They’ve tribbed each other to earth-shattering orgasms. Now it’s time for some erotic experimentation. Linda and Alexa get together once again, this time grinding together in a potpourri of lower body contact.

We have no idea what to name some of these positions, but we’ll give it a shot…
The action starts missionary tribadism, but with slightly different angles than we’ve seen before with these two: not so much leg on leg as leg between leg. What the position lacks in thigh-to-thigh contact, it certain delvers in terms of maximum mound-to-mound grind. Labia are distended and pulled – not by fingers mind you – but simply by the sheer pressure of pubic-on-pubic friction.

The girls then move on to deep missionary tribadism, the bottom girl spreading and extending her legs up high, with the girl on top pressing her pussy deep and hard against that of her partner. While we are big fans of the “thighs resting on thighs” style of mish trib you often see on TangleCats, there is no denying the beauty of this position. The front of Linda’s thighs press firmly against the back of Alexa’s, and Alexa’s calves are high in the air, jiggling upside down and encased in dark stockings. Then Linda gets on bottom, occasionally slapping Linda’s butt while she works on her from above. Linda’s legs spread beautifully around her partner, Alexa’s white skin contrasting with Linda’s tan leg and butt flesh.

They then try a bout of reverse missionary tribadism. Alexa gets on top first, the full of her thighs sinking into Linda’s. She bounces and squirms, pressing her pussy hard against Linda’s firm, tan ass. Alexa occasionally dips down for a kiss, with Linda turning her head back to hungrily tongue fight with her tan partner. When it’s Linda’s turn to be on top, we get more delicious bouncing, with Linda occasionally spreading her cheeks to ensure maximum pussy-to-butt contact.

Next up is reverse cowgirl tribadism: one girl seated on the bed, and the other in her lap. Thighs smash against thighs, and buttocks sink hard into the hot mound below. While a nice position in terms of variety, the best part is when Alexa lies back on top of Linda and they bring their mouths together for some wild tongue play.

The last position is another favorite of ours: the ass clash, where two girls get on their hands and knees and bump butts. Although a lot of adult movies have this position, there is usually a dildo involved, creating a certain amount of distance which prevents good body contact. Occasionally a smaller dildo is used, allowing good body to body colliding, but the best kind is of course without props, where two girls enjoy the sensation of their delicious cheeks and thighs crashing together. Linda and Alexa get really into it here, with plenty of ass and thigh shaking as their hindquarters smack together.

The clip ends with the two lying together in bed, tuckered out but with just enough energy left over for some good French kissing.

23 mins