Once Joanne Sweet and Bianca Golden lift their skirts – not to cool off – but to heat things up.

This is for those who like the idea of two girls lifting their skirts and rubbing their thighs together. What’s not to like about that?

Joanne Sweet (sandy blonde) and Bianca Golden (platinum blonde), start off innocently enough, fully clothed in skirts and tight white t-shirts. They first get their nipples in the mood by going tit-to-tit through their t-shirts, but naturally it isn’t long before they take their shirts off and bring their hot bare titflesh together.

This scene is once-again heavy on the standing, body-to-body rubbing, and we get varying upskirt angles as their thighs clasp together, and up again to see breasts clash and their tongues wrestle.

The girls make their way to the bed for some tangled up thigh to pussy, followed by missionary tribadism and pussy to ass grinding. The girls take turns on top, with Bianca getting there first, followed by Joanna. Totally naked, seeing their contrasting skin types is a real treat, especially when Joanna is on top, when for some reason the thigh-on-thigh skin contrast is clearer.

These girls seem to prefer scissoring, however, and toward the end Bianca is back-down, pussy-up in the submissive position, while Joanne grinds down without mercy.

For fans of tangled legs, scrunchies, nipple to nipple, potted plants, hoop earrings, thigh-on-thigh, mini-skirts, white panties, tight t-shirts, incongruous statuary, bump and grind, cheap beds, blondes of a different shade

20 mins