Tempers flare in the summer heat. A catfight quickly devolves into a steamy session of vigorous rolling and missionary tribadism!

Linda spends the bulk of her free time working on what she terms “the perfect tan.” She is the envy of all her classmates, who risk painful sunburns and life-threatening melanoma to achieve Linda’s deep golden hue. Sadly, Linda isn’t the most gracious about her gift of melanin, and is known to heap scorn upon her fair-skinned classmates. She has been particularly relentless with the alabaster Alexa. Fed up with it, Alexa has challenged Linda to a private fight at her house after class. Referee? No. Mats? No. Special gear? No. Just the miniskirts they’re wearing to cope with the summer heat, knee-high socks, and platform heels. A catfight with flare.

The action starts off with a stare-down. The girls circle around, sizing each other up. Linda is tall and long-waisted, with long dark hair. Alexa is blond and stocky, with flawless skin. Their breasts: a perfect match. Their thighs: equally firm but soft enough to lock together effectively.

The girls fly at each other, grabbing one another’s’ pigtails, and screeching and wailing as they dance back and forth. But catfight aficionados will be disappointed. There is obviously no real contest here; it’s simply a pretense to get close and personal.

You see, we all desire what we don’t have. Linda has wanted to touch Alexa’s soft ivory skin for months. Alexa has wanted to feel her body press against Linda’s long, brown form. They soon get their wish, as the girls draw each other close into a bear hug. The fronts of their quads press hard together, while they twist and turn and moan. Upskirt shots reveal just how hard they smash their legs and pelvises together.

It’s not long before they lock up on the floor, rolling around back and forth, heels slamming loudly on the hardwood. Skirts ride up high, revealing their pretty white panties crushing together. The action is vigorous and emotions are high. In little time it becomes less about wrestling and more about sexual gratification. Pussy against pussy for longer and longer periods, each girl demanding that be the one working the grind from on top. Thighs clapping against one antoher.

To maximize skin-to-skin contact, they get up and remove their tops and panties, but leaving their skirts, stockings, and high heels on to accentuate the nudity of their pussies and breasts. The girls go tit to tit, their nipples stinging together amidst a sea of colliding breast flesh.

Then it’s back on the floor for full-on missionary tribadism. The ladies roll back and forth, hot naked pussies, ass, and thighs framed perfectly by their billowing miniskirts. The time on top for each girl gets longer and longer, until they conclude with a wild tongue kiss.

For fans of bouncy tribadism, skin contrasts, nappy dreads, close-ups, tall vs. short, frilly panties, up-skirt angles, grinding pussies, young skin, pulled pigtails, playful catfights, rough chicks, pink decor, emotions, heels on hardwood, and noisy trib!

23 mins