We gave the husbands a laundry list of what we wanted to see. Reverse tribadism was one of those items. Fortunately their wives were happy to oblige!

The action starts off with the red-head jumping on top of the brunette. It’s incredibly hot how quickly and easily they start grinding against each other through their powder-pastel panties. Generous ass slaps and liberal ass-grabs are accompanied by major thigh-to-thigh friction. Both girls have a chance to get on top, and both are just as squirmy and jiggly when they are in the dominant position.

Halfway through, a real treat: the girls jump on the bus to reverse trib heaven. The action in general is really hot, but our favorite parts come when the top girl lifts up just a little bit to reposition herself for better pussy to butt purchase, then sinks down, their thighs and buttocks quivering in unison. Our other favorite is when the readhead is on top in some of the extended shots. Her legs align so perfectly against the bottom girl’s, her inner calves pressed alongside the outer calves of wife below. I really don’t know how their husbands managed to get through the shoot.

This one also has some excellent tongue-play during the reverse tribadism sessions. There’s something about the wrap-around angle of the girl below. She has to extend her tongue out just a little more than usual to reach her partner’s, and it really just accentuates and confirms the hunger these women have for one another.

For fans of precious panties, thigh puckers, tummy to tummy, pastels, thin teeth, eye-contact, pussy to crack, pendulous breasts, skin issues, meaty women, manual ass spread, thigh-to-thigh slaps, wrap-around kisses, groans, reverse missionary tribadism, troll dolls, shins and calves, pigtails, lesbians in ankle-socks, smashed pillows, and bedspreads of questionable taste.

22 mins