Bianca Golden and Playful Ann don swimsuits for a little slip-n’-slide.

It’s summer. Damn it’s hot. Let’s throw on some swimsuits and head to the beach. Oh wait, you look so sexy with your hair tied back. And that nylon-polyester blend swimsuit spread taut against your young skin. To hell with the heat! Let’s just pull our bodies together and rub against each other in our second skins! Or something like that.

The concept for our next series of videos can be found here. Bianca Golden (blonde) and Playful Ann (brunette) start off with a little rhythmic body to body with their swimsuits on. Holding each other close, their rub their material-clad titties together, thighs between thighs in a standing embrace. They kiss occasionally, but spend most of their energy making sure their bits are in full contact.

They get on the bed to start tribbing, with Bianca on top first. Bianca rubs her clothed pussy all over the mons pubis of Ann, encased in her dark swimsuit. Then it’s on to some clothed scissoring. Ann’s legs spread wider and wider as their covered pussies pound harder and harder together, until she manages to twist herself into an almost face-down position. Ann completes their little clothed session by getting on top of Bianca and rubbing her hungry clam on Bianca’s fair ass.

Now it’s time to remove the suits. But first things first: a playful titfight. They bring their naked tits together with a variety of techniques: the forward thrust smash; the lateral swing, where breasts rapidly swing back and forth and crash into each other, nipple frequently “catching” against nipple. Occasional kissing.

Ann then gets on top of Bianca for some missionary tribadism, followed by some extensive pussy to butt. Bianca gets the top position first, but of course Ann wants some too, and since she was in a swimsuit the last time. Their leg skin looks so beautiful rubbing together. And after Ann’s had her fun, Bianca flips over to get thigh-fucked by her dark-haired partner.

For fans of pussy-to-butt, missionary triabaidsm, tit-to-tit, and general rubbing of bod against bod.

20 mins