Nina, Playful Ann, Bianca Golden and Joanne Sweet get together for a tribadism orgy.

Nina has fucked Bianca. Bianca has tribbed Ann. Ann has shagged Joanne. And Joanne has screwed Bianca. Now Ann and Bianca have tied Joanne and Nina together on the bed in a missionary tribadism position.

Joanne is on top, Nina on bottom, while Bianca and Ann look on as their bodies squirm together. Are they reluctant to be tied up like this? In the end, it doesn’t matter. They find a way to enjoy themselves.

Bianca and Ann, not content to look on, eventually give in, release them, and kick off a four-way vag-on-vag grind-out. I think we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on this one!

For fans of quadruple trib, blondes and brunettes, garter belts, black hose, stacked lesbians, red stockings, bound girls, girl-only dogpile, tribadism, and the lesbian human centipede

30 mins